Praveen Juge
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What’s up nerds?

Praveen Juge is a designer and developer for everything on the web. He likes basic stuff like Lord of the Rings, Taylor Swift and talking about himself in the third person. Originally from Chennai, he spectacularly still lives there.

Praveen Juge trying his best to look cool.

Praveen Juge trying his best to look cool.

A very very long time ago in a place far far away, on a little place called Hospital, a little boy was born. Upon his birth, God said unto him “Yo, you will be good at web design, so do that.” So from that moment he started learning the Web, before even learning the alphabets he thought himself HTML and CSS. Which might seem silly or even impossible, but hey this is Praveen Juge we are talking about. And soon after that he wandered into the unknown realms of Design, in which he also excelled.

He now spends his time at Skcript working on the stuff he likes.

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