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Thoughts on WWDC24

I just finished watching the WWDC24 sessions and wanted to share my thoughts on the announcements. Here’s a quick rundown of what stood out to me, especially the things I might actually use in my daily routine.

Apple Mail Inbox Categories

First up, Apple Mail introduced inbox categories. Honestly, I’ll probably disable this feature. I don’t get enough emails in my primary inbox to need additional sorting. It seems like overkill for my needs.

New Passwords App

Now, the new passwords app is something I’m excited about. I’ve been using Apple’s Hide My Email for all my online accounts, so integrating this with a dedicated passwords app is a big win for me. I don’t use third-party apps like 1Password, so this will streamline my workflow.

iPhone Mirroring on macOS

A feature I’m thrilled about is iPhone mirroring on macOS. This is a game-changer for me. No more constantly checking my phone while I’m working on my Mac. It’s going to make multitasking so much easier.

Window Snapping in macOS

Window snapping in macOS? Probably not something I’ll use. I’ve never felt the need for it, and my current setup works just fine without it.

Swift and SwiftUI

I watched all the developer sessions relevant to me, and there were some exciting updates in Swift and SwiftUI. New animations, Swift Data features, and dynamic type support are fantastic. I’m still new to Swift, so there’s a learning curve, but the new features are promising.

AI and App Intents

The AI stuff was interesting. Apple’s making it easier for developers to integrate AI without relying on third-party providers. I’m curious to see how this plays out, especially with App Intents making app functions accessible through AI. I already have a few ideas on how to use this for my projects.

Safari and Other Updates

Safari updates didn’t bring much new. It looks pretty much the same, but I appreciate the consistency. The design guide playlist is a nice touch for yearly updates, keeping everything fresh.

ChatGPT Integration

ChatGPT integration seems like a transitional phase before Apple rolls out its proprietary solution. It’s a wait-and-see situation for me.

Vision Pro and Swift Testing

Vision Pro isn’t available in India yet, so I’ll pass on that for now. However, Swift Testing looks promising. As a developer platform, Swift keeps getting better, and I’m excited to dive into these new tools.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a solid WWDC. The macOS updates and developer tools, especially Xcode and SwiftUI enhancements, were the highlights for me. I can’t wait to start experimenting with all these new features.

Happy coding!