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Designing for Everyone

In today's digital age, it's important to design websites and apps that everyone can use. Inclusive design is about making sure that all sorts of people, including those with different abilities, can have a good experience when they use these digital platforms.

Here's what inclusive design is all about:

  1. Equal Experience for All: Whether someone is using a smartphone, a computer, or special technology to help them, the website or app should work well for them. For instance, if there's a picture, there should also be a text description for people who can't see it. Or, if there's a video, there should be captions for those who can't hear it.

  2. Giving Users Control: It's important to respect how people have set up their browsers. For example, if someone likes to view things in a certain way, like with bigger text, the website shouldn't change that. Also, it's good to offer different ways to do things on the site. This way, people can choose the way that works best for them.

In short, inclusive design is about knowing that people use websites and apps in many different ways. By thinking about these different needs, we can make the digital world a welcoming place for everyone.