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50 Days of Daily Design

I embarked on an exciting challenge: to post a new design every day. Now, 50 days in, I've not only sharpened my skills but also doubled my Twitter following. This daily commitment, initially just an experiment, has turned into a goal to continue for at least a year.

My routine involves crafting several designs at the start of each week and then sharing them daily. These designs are a mix of work from client projects and my own ventures, like the mynaui icons and Teak. You can check these out at icons.mynaui.com and teak.praveenjuge.com , respectively.

This journey has been more than just about improving my design skills; it's been a crucial step in overcoming imposter syndrome. The rule I set for myself is simple yet transformative: regardless of how I feel about a design, it gets posted. This process of creating, sharing, and receiving feedback is a continuous learning curve.

Now, I'm venturing into daily blogging to keep my thoughts organized. I must admit, writing daily poses a different set of challenges compared to designing. But, as with design, I believe it's a path filled with growth and learning. So here's to more days of creating, sharing, and evolving!