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Excited for CSS Masonry Layout

Everyone's talking about the upcoming updates in CSS Grid Layouts, thanks to some cool insights from WebKit and Chrome.

WebKit is working on adding masonry layouts to CSS Grid. This means we might soon get to create these layouts easily without needing JavaScript or tricky CSS.

Chrome is showing off how display: masonry works, and it’s pretty slick. It lets us manage content of different sizes in a grid without any ugly gaps. No more wrestling with the grid system to get things to line up right!

I can't wait until display: masonry is something we can all use. It’s going to change how we design frontends by saving us a ton of time and letting us get more creative without fussing over layout issues.

It’d be even cooler if CSS could automatically figure out the best number of columns for a masonry layout by looking at the space and content size. That would make our designs adapt smoothly to different screens, making websites look awesome everywhere without extra work.