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My 2020 Goals

Another year, another set of goals to keep this year interesting. Last year I failed almost 70% of my goals so let's set a new record this year.

Dev Goals:

  • Complete the Beginner Javascript course fully with practice.
  • Go to intermediate levels on React and Svelte.
  • Keep my GitHub Profile alive with daily commits to side projects.
  • Create a daily habit tracker web app for personal use.

Design Goals:

  • Learn more about UI, UX and Illustrations with courses on Skillshare.
  • Keep Dribbble and Instagram alive with daily posts.
  • Learn other design tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate.

Content Goals:

  • New blog post every two weeks.
  • New YouTube video every two weeks.

Let’s see how my goals go this year.