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I Hate Figma's Empty Canvas

Figma's empty canvas is where dreams go to die for me. That white screen had stopped me from starting my work more than anything else.

Every project I start, starts with the problem of facing an empty canvas. That blank white screens that stare at me.

Figma Empty Frame

Thousands of thoughts run through my head,

  • How will the end design look like?
  • How will people react to it when they see it?
  • Will it be good enough to post on Dribbble?
  • What if no one understands it?

While these are important questions to ask, these are the dialogues that will stop you from completing anything.

Ask these questions at the end.

Always be stupid and just start your work without thinking. You will always have time to improve anything.

For me, adding the first object is the hardest part.

My advice for beginners and to myself is to start with something, add the first stroke, add the first text, add the first rectangle. Then, slowly, you go into a flow state where you forget about the difficulty of the situation and just get things done.

You should face adversity head-on and you will always find that it is 10x times easier than you imagined.

VINCENT VAN GOGH: The blank canvas

VINCENT VAN GOGH: The blank canvas by Zen Pencils

Many painters are afraid of the blank canvas, but the blank canvas is afraid of the truly passionate painter who dares-and who has once broken the spell of ‘you can’t.’ ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Reminder to myself: Come back and read this whenever I start something new.