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Add all Tailwind 2 Color Palettes to your config

Tailwind 2 has eight default color palette that you can use in your project, but internally it ships with 22 colour palettes. Here is how you can import them all. This increases your css size by a lot so make sure you purge during production build.

const colors = require('tailwindcss/colors');

module.exports = {
  theme: {
    colors: {
      transparent: 'transparent',
      current: 'currentColor',
      black: colors.black,
      white: colors.white,
      'blue-gray': colors.blueGray,
      'cool-gray': colors.coolGray,
      gray: colors.gray,
      'true-gray': colors.trueGray,
      'warm-gray': colors.warmGray,
      red: colors.red,
      orange: colors.orange,
      amber: colors.amber,
      yellow: colors.yellow,
      lime: colors.lime,
      green: colors.green,
      emerald: colors.emerald,
      teal: colors.teal,
      cyan: colors.cyan,
      sky: colors.sky,
      blue: colors.blue,
      indigo: colors.indigo,
      violet: colors.violet,
      purple: colors.purple,
      fuchsia: colors.fuchsia,
      pink: colors.pink,
      rose: colors.rose